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The explanations on the three pillars will allow you to know the subtleties of the pension in Switzerland and to optimize your contracts.
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In addition to offering you 3rd pillar offers, we offer you the possibility to calculate with precision the final amount of your life insurance, and thus simulate the difference of income at retirement.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to have several 3rd pillars per person, however, it is not possible to pay more than the tax deduction limit each year on your linked 3rd pillars (3A). However, there is no limit for the free third pillar (3b).
Yes for the free third pillar (3B), but there are some restrictions for the linked third pillar (3A). The beneficiaries are in priority, the spouse and the descendants, only then you can vary the beneficiary clause.
There is no minimum, however, insurance companies generally require that the premium be at least CHF 100 - it is therefore possible to make a third pillar of CHF 100 per year provided that you pay the premium in one go each year. There is no maximum payment limit on the free third pillar (3b), but the linked third pillar (3a) is limited to the maximum amount of tax deductions allowed according to your situation (CHF 6'883 per year for an employee and CHF 34'416 per year for a self-employed person).
Yes, but there will be consequences for your 3rd pillar. If you lower your premiums, the guaranteed capital will also be reduced. You should therefore think carefully about your payment capacity before taking out a 3rd pillar. If you increase your premiums, the insurance company may change the technical rate of your contract (generally downwards). It is therefore recommended that you take out an additional third pillar in order not to lose the advantages of an existing contract.

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